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  Please call our new number: 619 846-8269               

  Ford F550 Custom Hauler 


                   4-Star (7 horse) Center Load Trailer

Why Use Us!

We are serious professionals who strive to provide the best value and highest quality service and enjoy doing so....     

Short Haul Equipment:  3 Horse Slant Trailer
Long Haul Equipment: 6 Horse / 3 Horse Box

Business Characteristics:
  • Incorporated  -  Not a "Fly by Night" operation.
  • Staffed with High Quality Personnel
  • Insured - Per Federal DOT Requirements
  • Legal Motor Carrier -   CA MC #766076  FEDERAL DOT #2207849
  • Technology and Innovation Oriented


Our long haul rig is subject to Federal DOT (Department of Traffic)  safety inspections, and as drivers we participate in random Drug and Alcohol Testing.   This ensures we are providing a reliable and safe service to our clients.

Business Philosophies:
  • "Do one thing and do it exceedingly well"
  • "Deliever excellent service and you will succeed"
  • "When Somebody does you a favor remember it. When you do a favor, forget it."
  • "Take pleasure in your business"

Our Experience Shows!

Our staff  members bring to our company skills that only life can teach, and wisdom has taken root upon them.   Our equipment is impeccably maintained.  Our hauling rigs are our mobile offices, they are a reflection of us as individuals as well as a company.   We look forward to the opportunity to perform a superb job for you.